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Which four fronts are China and the United States fiercely contested?

Recently, the contests, games and even wars between China and the United States have not been easing, but have become more intense. Their contradictions and conflicts have been carried out in a wider range of areas and at a deeper level. Sino-US relations are undergoing severe tests and whether they can survive the current period. The sensitive and critical period that may lead to serious conflicts tests the firmness and flexibility of the two countries, political wisdom and will to war, strategic determination and human sentiment.

Since the United States and China are the world’s number one and second largest economies, they are the world’s number one and third military powers, and they are the most influential countries in the world today. If China and the United States cannot Superb political wisdom and broad political mind to think about and deal with many contradictions and conflicts between the two countries. If you only consider the immediate economic interests rather than the long-term national interests and the future of mankind, if you can’t go out The great powers must realize the strange circle of positional exchanges with large-scale wars. The contradictions and conflicts between China and the United States are likely to intensify and eventually become an irreversible all-out war.

It is an indisputable fact that Sino-US relations are in a stalemate and predicament. We have always had a view that China is in a critical period of development and should continue to keep a low profile. It should not be torn apart from the United States. It should be maintained in a manner of tolerance and compromise. The Sino-US peace and cooperation relationship continues to recognize and safeguard the US’s global hegemony. This strategy of American cooperation, which only talks about cooperation and does not talk about struggle, has finally failed. As the ancients said, “the husband is still in the Qin, and he is still in a hurry to save the fire, and the salary is not exhausted.

The fire is not extinguished.” After the fullness of the greed nature of the foot, we will find that for the imperialist and capitalist countries of the United States, the hegemonic state, which is aimed at monopolizing world politics and monopolizing the world’s wealth, must not be resolutely struggled. The loss of independence, sovereignty and dignity must be the acceptance of the unequal treaties of the other side. This is the result that the Chinese people who have stood up are absolutely unacceptable. Therefore, the strategy and tactics of resolute struggle should be the main means for China to handle relations with the United States.

Recently, the contest between China and the United States has been fiercely on four fronts. The first is the military and energy front, the second is the trade and technology front, the third is the political and diplomatic front, and the fourth is the financial front. Although the contests and games between China and the United States on these four fronts are not seen in the smoke, they are related to life and death.

Since both China and the United States are nuclear powers, it will seem that the military war between China and the United States will become a common awareness. What we should be wary of is that this kind of cognition is likely to bring huge disasters to the country and the people. The United States has stepped up its military and armed Taiwan, and the military has provoked the sovereignty of the South China Sea. The US Navy has crossed the Taiwan Strait. It is very dangerous for a military power to conduct military intervention, military prestige, and military provocation against another military power.

When Trump is When the extreme pressure of military provocation is used as a means to force another big country to yield, when the US political field is full of a large number of so-called hawks with fascism, the United States is very dangerous, when the political feelings in the United States evolve into fascism. When the doctrine is rampant, it is difficult for the two major powers to avoid major military conflicts or even wars. According to recent media reports, the latest research report from Princeton University shows that once a nuclear conflict breaks out between the United States and Russia, 90 million people will be killed or injured in a few hours.

The theoretical and technical basis for supporting the nuclear war between the two countries is now The United States has been studying and planning a “limited nuclear war”. Both the United States and Russia may have nuclear wars. Is the United States that has an overwhelming nuclear superiority in China dare not launch a “limited nuclear war” against China? Recently, China’s military presence in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf is a good illustration of the intensified military confrontation between China and the United States. The Sino-US military conflict is not very far away, but it is close to us.

Recently, a large oil refinery in Saudi Arabia and a large oil field were attacked by missiles and drones, causing heavy losses. Saudi oil production decreased by 5.7 million barrels per day, accounting for 50% of Saudi oil exports, accounting for world oil supply. 5%, the attack triggered global oil price shocks, and the price of oil rose by 13% that day. After the incident, the United States insisted on accusing Iran of carrying out the attack, making the real murder of the attack become confusing and foggy. Two things that happened after the incident triggered widespread concern in public opinion. One is that the United States has used this incident to increase sanctions against Iran and to increase its military presence in Saudi Arabia.

The US increase in Saudi Arabia has brought uneasiness to Saudi Arabia because it means that the United States used to sell arms only to Saudi Arabia, but now it is going to pass The military occupied Saudi Arabia and then controlled Saudi politics. The other is that after the attack, Iran announced that China, Russia and Iran will hold maritime military exercises in the Persian Gulf in the near future. Both Russia and China will send large ships to participate in the exercise. The attack is triggering extreme concerns about China and Russia’s energy security in the Middle East, especially in the Persian Gulf region. At this time, the Sino-Russian military exercise in this sensitive area is extremely symbolic, especially when the Chinese military intervenes in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf region. Special symbolic meaning.

Why is China’s high-profile military involvement in the Middle East, especially the Persian Gulf region? Obviously it is because the attack, especially the United States, insisted on accusing Iran of carrying out attacks and sending a dangerous signal to Saudi Arabia. The United States has made a big fuss about this incident, indicating that the United States is plotting to completely control Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has always listened to the words of the United States, but recently, as the United States became an oil exporter, the conflict between the United States and Saudi Arabia has become increasingly prominent. Among the world’s major oil exporters, the United States has already started to implement Venezuela and Iran.

It has imposed a comprehensive blockade on Venezuela, imposed a comprehensive embargo on Iran, and is also implementing economic sanctions against another oil exporting country, Russia, to try to stop Russia and Germany built a North Stream 2 line to export oil to Europe. For a long time, the United States has adopted a policy of big sticks and carrots for Saudi Arabia. Now, when Saudi Arabia wants to get rid of the US’s control of developing friendly relations with China, the world’s largest oil importer, for its own interests, it will inevitably lead to the unhappiness of the United States and further control. Saudi Arabia has become an inevitable choice for the United States. Especially in the situation that the United States was defeated by Russia on the Syrian battlefield and the trade embargo against Iran has become unsustainable, it is an inevitable choice for the United States to increase its control over Saudi Arabia.

Both Venezuela and Iran are China’s key overseas oil investors, and they are very important to China’s oil security and diversification of import channels. But both countries have been hit by the United States, coupled with the US political intervention in African Sudan to split it. NATO’s military invasion of Libya has caused it to be in civil strife, and both show that the US’s energy encirclement against China has already begun globally. The US blockade and embargo on Venezuela and Iran are on the one hand to open up the overseas market for US oil exports, and on the other hand to launch an energy war against China, causing a shortage of China’s energy supply, and even cutting China’s energy supply at a critical moment. . After the incident of Saudi Arabia, the United States increased its troops to Saudi Arabia on the one hand and increased sanctions against Iran.

Let us clearly see that the United States wants to use this incident to further crack down on Iran and control Saudi Arabia. Under such circumstances, China must respond to the US’s intention to control global oil and launch an energy war against China. This has led to the call of the leaders of China and Saudi Arabia after the attack. China has participated in the three countries of China and Russia in Persia. The follow-up situation of the maritime military exercise in the Bay is obviously China’s active and high-profile military intervention in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf region, because the Middle East and the Persian Gulf region are the gates of China’s energy security.

The United States’ article on this attack is further China launched an energy war, and China’s military intervention is a tough response to the US approach. It is extremely rare to know that Chinese military intervention in overseas is extremely high. This high-profile intervention shows that ensuring the security of energy supply in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf region is extremely important to China. It also shows that China’s military confrontation with the United States abroad is quietly coming.

The war of great powers must have its cause. Why did China and the United States explode an epic trade war in 2018? We can only understand that this trade war is not only in trade, but in politics, it is the need and performance of big country competition. The current US GDP is 20.6 trillion US dollars, China’s GDP is 13.6 trillion US dollars, and China is about 65% of the US. Around the time, when the Soviet Union collapsed in the past year, when Japan signed a plaza agreement with the United States, its GDP was about 60% of that of the United States. This is the sensitive period in which the two largest economies are most prone to trade and political warfare. It is not surprising that the United States broke out in a trade war during this period.

The Sino-US trade war has lasted for a year and a half. The Sino-US scientific and technological war has also followed suit. The trade war and the science and technology war are intertwined and cannot be completely separated. Whether it is a trade war or a science and technology war, the United States is trying to destroy the Chinese economy and prevent the Chinese industry. Upgrade to combat China’s momentum to catch up with the United States. The current Sino-US trade war has become a key factor affecting the global economic trend. It can be said that Trump has always wanted to use the progress of Sino-US trade consultations to push up the US stock market.

This is tantamount to drinking and quenching thirst. With regard to China’s trade sanctions, cracking down on China’s science and technology industry, while using trade wars and technological wars to push up the US stock market, how can there be passive water in the world? The Sino-US trade war and the continuation of the science and technology war have limited impact on China, but the impact on the United States is far-reaching, mainly because of the hollowing out of the US industry and the financialization of the United States, which has caused the United States to withstand the blow of large-scale trade wars. Both the US high-tech industry and the US high-tech industry have been hit hard in this trade war and science and technology war, and they have awakened Chinese high-tech enterprises, accelerated the improvement of China’s high-tech industry’s independent innovation capability and the trend of autonomy and promoted autonomy. The speed of the process. However, the United States did not realize this, thinking that the US economy is extremely powerful, and the Chinese economy is vulnerable.

Recently, China and the United States resumed economic and trade consultations. This recovery does not mean that the two countries have reached consensus on some major differences. Nor does it mean that China will make concessions to the United States on major issues. The US’s extreme pressure has not been for China. Role, when China became increasingly tough, the United States became very passive. In this epic trade war, the United States has lost its initiative and dominance.

The Sino-US vice-ministerial economic and trade consultations that ended on September 20 did not make substantial progress. This is also expected by everyone. The news published by Xinhua News Agency stated that the two sides have conducted constructive discussions on economic and trade issues of common concern; The two sides also seriously discussed the specific arrangements for the leader to hold the 13th round of China-US high-level economic and trade consultations in Washington in October. The two sides agreed to continue to communicate on relevant issues. According to Reuters, the Chinese delegation did not propose any new plans for core structural issues such as intellectual property protection, forced technology transfer, industrial subsidies and other trade barriers.

The US believes that “we are not close to reaching an agreement.” He also said that the Chinese representative stressed that “any agreement must cancel all tariffs imposed by the United States and maintain a balance.” After the consultations, the Chinese trade delegation canceled the visit to the US agricultural state after the original negotiations. Then US President Trump said: I am not seeking a partial agreement, but a complete agreement. I don’t think China and the United States must reach an agreement before the 2020 US presidential election. White House China adviser Bai Bangrui threatened that if the trade agreement is not signed in the near future, the United States is prepared to intensify its efforts to pressure China, and the tax on Chinese goods “may reach 50% to 100%”.

The fact that China-US economic and trade consultations have not made substantial progress should be expected by everyone, because in terms of the big environment and atmosphere, the current Sino-US relations do not have the conditions for substantive breakthroughs in economic and trade negotiations, even before the negotiations. The two sides have released some goodwill, but the US economic and trade crackdown on China has not been substantially relaxed. It is not a matter of course for the two sides to resume consultations at this time. From the perspective of the big environment and atmosphere, there is obviously a long way to go to improve Sino-US relations. Going, the struggle and confrontation between China and the United States may not be able to turn back, but only become more and more intense.

From the current situation of Sino-US scientific and technological warfare, there is no sign of any relief. In the past year, the United States has not loosened the large-scale embargo imposed on China’s high-tech industries. Huawei, Fujian Jinhua, China’s Dajiang, Hikvision, China’s supercomputer industry, Chinese military industry, some Chinese universities and research institutions still On the US embargo list, Huawei is still on the US entity list, and the United States has no indication that it will cancel these embargoes and sanctions, thus preventing the development and breakthrough of the top 10 technology industries listed in China 2025, preventing China from being high.

The technological industry’s transcendence to the United States remains the established national policy of the United States. This cannot be relaxed. From the global strike of Huawei to the United States, it can be seen that it is fighting China’s high-tech and high-end manufacturing industries, preventing China’s industrial upgrading, and preventing China from Transcendence is a long-term strategy of the United States. We do not want to think that the United States will ease and cancel the embargo on China’s high-tech industries. It is imperative for China to adjust its national industrial policies and development strategies in the high-tech field.

The current riots in Hong Kong have lasted for more than three months. The incident has shifted from the initial anti-repair to Hong Kong and anti-China. The purpose of the rioters is to turn Hong Kong into an anti-China bridgehead controlled by Americans. In the face of reduction, but not yet finished, the recent US Democratic Party leader Pelosi met with the Hong Kong drug rioter Hwang Moufeng in Washington to publicly support the riot. The purpose of serving the riots in Hong Kong for the interests of the United States is very clear. At the same time, the United States has also accused China of the Western issue of international organizations such as the United Nations General Assembly and the UN Human Rights Council. It has passed the bill in the US Congress to interfere in the western China issue.

This is to crack down on China from politics, diplomacy and public opinion, and interfere in China’s internal affairs. In an attempt to split China. The United States does not really care about China’s democracy, human rights, and the happiness of the people. Instead, it uses every opportunity and even creates opportunities to create, confuse, and divide China. American politicians must not care about China’s development and the happiness of the Chinese people. But it is going to fall into the rocks. The chaos, the poorer, the more backward and the more divided, the more happy American politicians will be. Just as the United States disintegrated the Soviet Union and continued to disintegrate the Russian Federation, it is the largest American society to mess up China. The politics can be said that there is a fierce political war, public opinion war and diplomatic war between China and the United States.

Some people say that Trump only cares about the US economy and not about politics. This is the most politically naive disease we are currently making. At present, all the trade wars, science and technology wars, financial wars and energy wars that are going on between China and the United States are not serving the national interests of the United States. Which one is not serving American politics? Beating China, smashing China, disintegrating China, splitting China, and plundering China are the biggest politics of the United States. If we engage in nihilism in politics, it will inevitably be biased by American public opinion and be influenced by American public opinion, becoming the United States’ war of public opinion. accomplice. Why is the United States so concerned about China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, western China and other regions?

Are Americans really concerned about the lives of people in these areas of China? No, the United States is only borrowing these areas to disrupt China, split China, and ultimately destroy China. If you can’t understand this clearly, and think that Americans have some kind of pure humanitarianism, have the so-called compassion, and have the feelings of cutting the meat, it is a big mistake. When the Spanish explorer Magellan came to the Americas. When the local indigenous people took them as Treated like God, but they have no compassion in addition to slaughter and slavery. Later Americans treated Indians, treated slaves, and treated Mexicans.

The enslavement, slaughter and extinction were the things they did most. A president like Trump who claims that “all for the United States” will abandon the principles of the United States for the benefit of some Chinese. Give up the interests of the United States? This is obviously to look at his position in the eyes of the Americans. What is the politics of Americans? It is to continue to maintain the hegemonic status of the United States in the world, continue to enslave the people of the world, and plunder the wealth of all countries. Whether it is Hong Kong or Taiwan and the western part of China, it is only a means of borrowing from American politics. Once used, it will be abandoned like abandoning garbage. Can you not see Ukraine, Libya, Egypt or Syria today?

In international politics, there is no savior in addition to national interests. Apart from being unable to save by others, the United States will not save China, will not pity the Chinese, and will not give alms to the happiness of the Chinese. When the mobs in Hong Kong hold high the American flag When I sang the American national anthem and begged the United States to interfere in China and save Hong Kong, I only think that these people are either shameful or sad or poor. When you become a reptile, the Americans will not give you more gifts than sticking out one foot to kill you.

In addition to trade wars, science and technology wars, political and diplomatic wars, and energy wars, there is still a financial war between China and the United States. The Sino-US financial war is marked by two major events. One is that the United States has declared China a currency manipulator, and the other is that China has announced a full liberalization of the financial sector and lifted the shareholding ratio of foreign investment in the financial sector.

The announcement of China as a currency manipulator is a declaration of the United States launching a financial war against China. Winning the financial war can be said to be the main goal of the US comprehensive war against China. Only by winning the financial war can we fully harvest China’s huge wealth and achieve the purpose of looting and plundering Chinese wealth. Since the financial war is more subtle, it takes a longer time from the layout to launching the attack, so this will be a war that lasts longer but the result is even more fierce. After fully opening up the financial market, how to comprehensively prevent financial risks against China. It is a major issue. Once a financial war is defeated, whether it is a trade war or a science and technology war, both political warfare and energy warfare will be passive and even a catastrophe for the country. For the financial war, we will write an article devoted to it later.

Since the Obama period proposed that the United States return to the Asia-Pacific strategy and shift its strategic focus to the Asia-Pacific region, the nature of Sino-US relations has begun to undergo substantive changes. From struggle and cooperation to a comprehensive struggle, the struggle has become the theme of Sino-US relations. Once we relax our vigilance and lose the spirit of struggle in this struggle, we will immediately become strategically passive. Seeking development in the struggle and seeking peace in the struggle is China’s inevitable strategy.

Now that China and the United States have entered a stage of comprehensive struggle, the United States is taking advantage of every opportunity and is making every opportunity to fight against China. The trade war is not all, and we should not expect the trade war to end in the short term. Any compromise will make the United States more greedy. Raising more shameless demands is not only related to China’s dignity, but also to China’s sovereignty. Therefore, we must maintain the spirit of resolute struggle and achieve development and transcendence in the struggle.

The US has encircled and attacked China’s chariots. We must not expect the United States to open up to China’s science and technology network. Do not think that the United States will not launch a military war against China. In order to defeat China and prevent China from transcending the United States, the United States will not have any Kindness will not speak any morality. Human history has proved that war is the ultimate form for resolving the disputes between major powers and realizing the status change. As an imperialist and capitalist country, the United States, as the only super-overlord in the world, will never be willing to give up its dominance, but will certainly Attacks against China at all costs, trade wars, science and technology wars, financial wars, political wars, diplomatic wars, public opinion wars, military wars, energy wars, all war means will be used, because it is a matter of life and death, so it is bound to be terrible.